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Are you a senior technical employee in a STEM field who:

  • Is passionate about your work

  • Believes strongly in the mission and vision of your work and organization

  • Believes in the ability of your work and the work of you company to make a difference in the world

  • Is a deep thinker

  • Is a problem solver

And…feeling left behind in your career and that something is getting in your way.

Maybe no one is volunteering to support you on your projects.


You are not able to get funding or approval for your projects.


You are not getting assigned to the projects you want to work on.

All of this is taking a toll on you and making you frustrated or even feeling inadequate.

Bottom line: You are seeing that you need to shift, update or change your skill set…

So that you can move forward in your career and make the big difference you know you want to make.

Here’s the problem that I see over and over again…

Really great technical people like you dead end their careers because…

At some point in order to move ahead you need:

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Increase in Emotional Intelligence

  • Self-Awareness

So that you can:

  • Build the relationships that create the impact and influence you are seeking

  • Advance your career

  • Get the projects you want to work on

  • Make the difference you’ve imagined

Here’s the thing, your amazing technical skills can only take you so far. I worked in an organization of scientists and engineers and watched really great technical people stagnate in their careers because they were not willing to grow their (non-technical) skills. I also watched technical staff be promoted to team leadership or management only to watch them fail because they were not willing to mentally move from being an individual contributor to an influential leader. What makes this so sad, is that it’s not necessary because all the skills you need to move forward can developed. You can make this shift and become someone who attracts people to your projects, creates buy-in, gets people on board and finds the win-win for all (even if you are an introvert!).

Here’s how I can support you in making this shift:

  1. Clarify your career goals

  2. Identify your skills and strengths (and why this is critical to your success and it’s probably not for the reason you’re imaging!)

  3. Collecting data (e.g. getting feedback (in a very non-scary way))

  4. Developing your career strategy

  5. Take meaningful action to grow your skills and career

  6. Celebrate your success

Contact me today so we can get your career moving forward.