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Six Steps to Crafting Your Personal Vision (and why it's important!)

March 26, 2018


Your vision is personal, unique to you and acts as a guiding compass as you make life decisions . Sound a bit scary? It’s not surprising. Boiling down one’s life purpose to a few short sentences feels daunting, and it is also freeing. It does take some time and effort to think about, but the rewards are worth it. What would it be like to be able to identify opportunities to say yes to and more importantly, what to pass on?  This point is a very important, so I shall repeat it. Going through this process will help you to say NO!


Many people will say yes to just about every opportunity hoping for some traction on which direction to go. This can lead to a sense of being stuck, overwhelmed, or worse burn out. Guess what? There is another way. Get really clear on what you want and what is important to you and you can say NO to what you don’t want and what will not serve you. This will put you in the drivers seat of your life, how awesome would that be?


Ready to dive in, but not sure where to start? Follow the steps below to start crafting your personal vision and see what it might open up for you.


Step 1: Set aside 15 minutes a day for the next week and answer the questions below.

  1. Imagine you are at your 95th birthday party and all of the guests ask you about your amazing life. What would you tell them?

  2. What is the change you want to see in the world?

  3. What are your values?

  4. What are the things that matter most to you?

  5. If we were to meet in 3 years after not speaking during that time and you had the most amazing experiences, what would you tell me had happened?

  6. What feels impossible?

  7. What excites you and gives you energy?

  8. If you didn’t have to work for money, what would you do?

  9. What do you really want? What would having this give you?

  10. What are you passionate about?

  11. What do you want to accomplish in your life? What would you be disappointed if you didn’t do?

  12. What makes you unique? What makes you, you? What do others see in you that you don’t see in yourself? (hint: ask them!)

*It’s important to note that these questions are meant to elicit feels from your heart. Be open to it and lean into it. The heart is a big player in your life vision. The tendency will be to let your mind do the work here. This process will be much richer if you listen to your heart.


Step 2: Identify the common themes.


Don’t over think or analyze this, just identify the ideas that came up multiple times and highlight them. Start listing words and phrases that resonate with you. Get creative, don’t limit yourself to words. Cut pictures out of magazines, draw, paint, and pull in anything that is of interest or inspiring to you.


Step 3: Let go of perfect!


First off, there is no such thing and this is a sure fire way to not do anything further. Put pen to paper and see what happens. Remember this is your vision; no one else gets to define it for you. Another important point to remember, since it’s your vision you get to refine it in the future as you see fit. So, don’t stop here, power through (I promise, it will be worth it!).


Step 4: Build your personal vision


Take what you created in Step 2 and start playing with it. Again, don’t limit yourself to just words; get creative in any way that speaks to you. It’s your vision, go with what feels right. The vision should encompass all of you, relationships, career, your wellbeing, family and any other area of your life that is important. The vision should be forward focused on what you want and what gives you energy, not what you are moving away from. Revisit and revise it until you feel comfortable that it captures what you want. Remember Step 3, it is not about being perfect; it is about what feels good for now.


Step 5: Share it with friends and family


As with anything new, the more you share and talk about it the more comfortable you become. Say it to yourself or if you chose to make a visual representation of your vision, like a vision board, hang it where you can see it every day.


Step 6: Use it!


Now it is time to put your vision to work. As opportunities arise in your life, reflect on your vision before deciding what to do. Ask yourself, does this fit into my vision? If yes, then move forward; if not, start saying NO. You be amazed at what opens up for you.

Once you have this high level vision of what you want for your life, it can be invaluable in helping you build goals and objectives that support your vision. I’ll be sharing more on taking your vision to the next level in the weeks and months ahead.


Need some help getting started? Reach out to me at tracy@soundpathways.com and let’s connect.


Feeling stuck and not sure where to go, reach out to me at tracy@soundpathways.com and let’s connect.

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Six Steps to Crafting Your Personal Vision (and why it's important!)

March 26, 2018

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