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How SMART are your Goals?

January 3, 2017


As we embark into the New Year, I’d like to challenge you to set some SMART Goals. Over the next few weeks I’m going to break down SMART Goals for you and hopefully convince you to give them a try. Let me first start with some background. What the heck are SMART Goals, you might be asking? SMART stands for:


Specific, stretch, significant


Measurable, meaningful


Achievable, actionable


Realistic, relevant


Time-bound, time limited, timely


So in order to make you Goals most effective they should address all of these components. I really like this framework because you dive in deeper to the Goal and really define why it’s important to you, make it measurable (which helps you know when you achieve it!), and tie it to a time frame (helps keep you motivated to get it done).


Now, let’s talk specifics, stretch and significant. The first step in crafting you Goal is to get specific. Say you are thinking it’s time to get a new job. Instead of making your goal “I want to get a new job,” how might it be more effective if you said “I explore new team lead or management opportunities that allow me to develop my problem solving, decision making and planning skills”? See what getting more specific can do for you. Think about how valuable this could be in helping you narrow down what positions you go after and how it could help focus you so you are not spinning your wheels on a position that doesn’t meet your needs.


I want to leave you with a couple of important thoughts as you begin your journey into SMART Goals. You should pick no more than 3-5 Goals to work on at any one time. More than that and you will overwhelm yourself and not move forward, which is absolutely not the point! You want to push yourself, maybe even redefine what you are capable of, and stretch outside of your comfort zone. You should also craft you Goals using empowering language (chose, want, it is important for me to) and stay away from disempowering language (I have to, I should, I must).


That should be enough to get you thinking over the next week about what areas you want to focus your 2017 Goals on and get some specifics on paper. Next week I’ll cover “M” for measurable and meaningful, so be sure to stop back by.  If you need some inspiration as you are thinking about your 2017 Goals sign up for my Create Your New Reality-Vision  Board Workshop in Seattle on February 4th. Or schedule an Intensive Strategy Session with me to knock out your Goals and move yourself forward in 2017!

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