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It's your future, where will you go?

I believe that each one of us has our own unique gifts and talents that we should be sharing with the world. Imagine what might be possible if you shared your gifts and talents. What could be different for you?

Through coaching I can help you identify what's important to you right now and put a plan in place to move you forward. No matter how passionate we are about our dreams, we all get stuck some of the time or need help to move forward to create our new reality. Let's chat today about how coaching can help turn your dreams into reality.

Professional Coaching

"Through my experience in working with Tracy I have become more confident, less fearful and able to speak up for what I want in my relationships. I learned to define what is important to me, to articulate those needs and wants and to implement plans to achieve them. I was feeling lost and stuck and now I feel empowered and excited about life. Thank you! ."

Client Testimonial


"Tracy really helped me take my career, and what I was doing with my life, to the next level.  Like all change, it was messy and sometimes frustrating.  But Tracy was the best guide I could have hoped for, using probing questions to help me find my own way. She was great to work with - intelligent, insightful, and truly helpful.  I encourage anyone who needs real change and insight to work with her - I've recommended her to both family and friends."

Client Testimonial

Seattle, WA

"Tracy is incredibly supportive and effective as a life coach. She helped me look past my limiting beliefs and behaviors, and with her help, I took small but meaningful steps that led to incredible life changes, particularly in my lifelong struggle with oral communication. This transformation was possible only with Tracy’s constant encouragement, insightful questions, and infectious enthusiasm. Her empowering approach, alongside her upbeat manner, makes profound conversations seem light and enjoyable. Throughout calls, she provides invaluable feedback about your habits and guides you to find changes within yourself. Tracy’s genuine interest in life coaching and her clients makes her a joy to work with, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anybody ready to make a positive change in their lives and have a supporter join them in celebrating the victories."

Client Testimonial

Seattle, WA

“Tracy is a great coach! Not only did she ask me important, powerful questions that got me thinking and moving in a direction I wanted, but she reflected back to me patterns that she was noticing (and that I was blind to!) which really helped me work on how they were getting in the way.  Thank you Tracy!



Client Testimonial


"Tracy's coaching style is laid back but direct. She likes to build on past discussions and see if progress has been made. She did well to keep me accountable by wanting to know how things were going and by using my own words to identify contradictions or to remind me of something I had mentioned before. I was able to build out a plan for myself over an extended timeline to get some long-standing goals started. Tracy is a great coach with patience and understanding but is also willing to be direct and frank in her approach. She does well to keep the client accountable to their own action plan. I appreciated working with Tracy."

Client Testimonial

Atlanta, GA

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