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Tracy Chellis, ACC
Professional Coach

I believe we all have our own unique gifts and talents that should be shared with the world. And mine is helping you identify yours!


How you might ask? Well, my career began as project manager for the EPA where I spent over 18 years working to protect water quality and oversee the cleanup of one of the largest hazardous waste sites in the country. And now I use those same strategic and empathetic skills to clean up toxic work environments and empower professionals, just like you.


“It was my dream to work at EPA and I made it a reality. In the second half of my career, my goal is to build a business based on creativity, passion and compassion to support others in realizing their dreams. And now, I am making that happen too!”


While I have always focused my energy on making a difference, it wasn’t until I quit my job to go on an epic road trip around the country with my husband, that I truly realized my calling as a leadership coach.


I had always received coaching from early in my career and it really helped set me on a course for a successful and rewarding job. But up until this point in my life, I didn’t realize how much of my identity was wrapped up in my work. And without my job while on my road trip, I felt like I had no purpose. The truth was that I just needed to redefine success and leadership. I also realized that while I enjoyed my work, I wasn’t being challenged in a way that fueled me.


Then it hit me: if I could empower myself professionally then I could use leadership coaching to empower other career professionals!


Management is often the pinnacle of career success. But becoming a manager is challenging in ways you might not expect. From learning how to supervise former co-workers and adjusting to bigger responsibilities, to creating a sustainable work-life balance and nurturing a loving marriage, management is about doing hard things and it can be lonely.


Today, one of my biggest goals is to help you deal with the sometimes-overwhelming prospect of transitioning into a management role or even starting a new job all while maintaining balance in life. I offer a wide range of career coaching programs and personal development services, including individual coaching packages, corporate workshops, and keynote speeches.


If you think you’d like to have a coaching session with me, reach out via email to set up an informal phone call. In this session, we’ll talk about your goals, challenges, and pathway to reaching them. Usually, it’s a lot of fun. And if I can help you further, I’ll tell you exactly how, but there’s absolutely no pressure!